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What our customers are saying...

"PriceTable has made a significant impact on our revenue numbers, because I can finally help my team stay on top of the opportunities they pursue."

—Christie, Landscape Enhancement Manager

"I love that I can do all my work — sales, project management, time-tracking — in one place. PriceTable has made my life easier in more ways than I can count."

— Austin, Consultant

"PriceTable has been a vast improvement to what we were using previously, because it is not a one-trick pony: it takes a holistic approach to cover several important business functions."

— Don, Electrician

No credit card required.
All features available.


PriceTable's industry-vetted features will save you and your team hundreds of hours.

Lightning-Fast Estimate Preparation

Let's face it: you need to reduce the timeline of your sales calls from days to hours. That's how you'll make sales more productive.

  • Spend less time on the computer and more time in the field: Prepare professional estimates quickly, no matter how complex.
  • Ensure up-to-date pricing: Populate line item details from a centralized catalog.
  • Maximize revenue: Present multiple options and guide your client to the recommended choice.
  • Say goodbye to stale or forgotten deals: Take advantage of automated reminders.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Help your teams stay productive with minimum downtime.

  • Keep workloads evenly spread out amongst the team: Easily see which team member has how many jobs assigned to them.
  • Eliminate the risk of dropping the ball on important jobs: Quickly identify tasks and visits that need to be assigned and scheduled.
  • Show customers you are on top of it: Notify them of upcoming visits with the click of a button.

One-Click Invoicing

Become the hero of your accounting staff.

  • Reduce the need for redundant work: Generate invoices from estimates with the click of a button.
  • Never again worry about forgetting to invoice customers: Add schedules to invoices for recurring jobs.
  • Easily identify overdue invoices: Track invoice statuses and know immediately when customers view or pay an invoice.
  • Eliminate double data entry: Export invoices in a format that can be imported to QuickBooks Online.

Secure Online Payments

Getting paid for a job well done shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun and easy.

  • Eliminate the awkwardness of having to swipe or manually type in customer credit cards: Get paid with credit card or electronic check (ACH).
  • Get paid faster by reducing the financial burden on clients: Allow customers to pay invoices in chunks.
  • Leave anxiety behind: Get notified when payments are posted on invoices.

No credit card required.
All features available.

How We Are Different

Unlike general-purpose apps, PriceTable is a robust, end-to-end solution developed and vetted through deep industry expertise.


PriceTable uses industry-standard best practices to secure your data. All sensitive information is encrypted, providing you with ease of mind so you can focus on closing deals.


PriceTable utilizes responsive design principles and works seamlessly both on desktop and mobile environments, allowing you to work on your estimates while on-the-go.


We understand that every second counts when you're in the field. PriceTable is engineered from the ground up to be blazing fast, so that you can quickly prepare your estimates and win business.

Packed with Even More Features

Manage tasks and projects easily

Schedule visits on project calendars and notify customers about progress and important updates.

Track costs, profit and revenue in one place

PriceTable's fully-featured catalog gives you granular control over all aspects of product and service pricing.

Control access and visibility

Create roles and access groups to configure what your employees and departments can see and do.

Version Tracking

Track changes you make on estimates through their lifecycle, and easily revert to previous versions.

SMS Notifications

Increase response rates by sending documents to customers via SMS in addition to email.

Electronic Signatures

Allow customers to sign documents electronically from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Paper-free means hassle-free!

Time Logging and Reporting

Track and record billable time in one place. Get paid for every minute of work you do.

QuickBooks Integration

Already use QuickBooks? No problem. PriceTable's integration with QuickBooks Online lets your accounting team keep the processes they already use.

No credit card required.
All features available.

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